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February 13th, 2009

Evelyn is one of the most talented and glamour Russian designers. She does not compare herself with anybody and does not imitate another’s style. Evelyn is famous for evening dress. Its creative credo materializes in ideal lines, refined fabrics and manual skills. And she is a real couturier.
Evelyn likes to surprise women with their own beauty which they, maybe, did not appreciate on advantage earlier. Her clothes match feminity and sexuality. All models of Evelyn’s collections – the sample of taste and elegance. The unique designer’s decor and manual work transform them into the real works of art.
Collection «Blue Lobster»(spring-summer 2009) – is the fourth creation of the young designer.
Collection «Blue Lobster» is created in such model lines: Glamourous Sport, Light Cocktail, Twilight, and Deep Night.
The color scale of a collection varies from light blue shades up to lilac shades.
Decor natural stones like disgraces, onyx, a coral, malachite, crystal, river pearls, and also beads were used in this collection.

Fergie and her shoe collection

January 3rd, 2009

Well-known glamour singer Fergie has decided to become the designer and has entered the fashionable market with the first footwear collection. Fans of Black Eyed Peas star can enjoy her fashionable creations.  For embodiment of the arrogant plans Fergie has signed contract with shoe brand Brown Shoe and now works at creation of the debut collection of shoes on the high heels, similar to those, which she prefers in her everyday life. Fergie’s collection will consist of two parts – Fergie and Fergalicious, first of which will be devoted to younger people and the second one will represent evening shoes. The collection will appear in February, all over again in New York shops.

New Year’s syndrome: where and how to spend holidays

December 2nd, 2008

Anarchy in the UK
Elegant Rolls Royce, liters of expensive champagne and you (wearing amazing black dress Richmond X) irritate the elderly driver by noisy behavior – is the real English rock’n'roll week-end. If you are going to visit the Great Britain – take with you more than one “modern” dresses from Richmond Denim and Richmond X, a coat and a bag from Vivienne Westwood – it will be enough to have fun, fun and once again to have fun!
Do not also forget about perfumery. So that Englishmen have got wind not at once whence you have come, do not forget about Penhaligon’s: flower perfume Bluebell, spicy Malabah or evening Cornubia.

Weekends in Alps
Are you dreaming about winning the heart of Alpine slopes without risk for health? Do this with your beauty, sitting on the lift in fashionable ski equipment and sipping hot chocolate. We recommend you to choose ultrafashionable and professionally design ski clothes from Rossignol by Emilio Pucci.
Bright jackets and overalls from Rossignol by Emilio Pucci with techno-pop patterns will give you additional confidence.

L’Occitane aroma

October 30th, 2008

Boundless vineyards of France, silvery hills of olive groves, lavender valleys crate fresh aromas of herbs and flowers, and bring us natural traditions of beauty and health. All magnificence of France nature is represented by lines of skin care L’Occitane and centre L’Occitane Petit Spa procedures.

Grapes are well-known for the rejuvenating properties and these magic berries from farm Domaine des Tuile Bleues became a basis of one of collections of care of a body from L’Occitane. The five-step program will make your skin more gently.

The owner of unique cosmetic properties almonds – is the main component of the line of creams with the same name and anti-cellulite massage “Delightful forms”. It will make your skin of more elastic, after all proteins and nutrients of this nut promote restoration of basic fabric of a skin.

Immortelle keeps the color even after drying. Knowing this feature, L’Occitane cosmeticians used immortelle essence as a basis for anti-age skin care cosmetics. Anti-oxidant action of this surprising flower is used regeneration and lifting procedure “Immortelle Premium”.

Combination of olive water with the enriched oxygen – is the patented L’Occitane’s innovation, promoting deducing toxins and protecting a skin from influence of free radicals. Procedure of “Olive” Light of the Olive “is developed specially for dim face skin: humidifying, restoring and softening properties of olive will give it brightness and healthy kind.


October 13th, 2008

We often we see the idols on the TV, and at the same time we do not have the chance to become owners of the small part of their private life. Such opportunity is so rare. However admirers of the most known Hollywood celebrities can shortly become owners of the star handbags, which will be sold from auction.
How many handbags do you have in your wardrobe? The research, lead among inhabitants of the Great Britain, has shown, that one of ten women of Kingdom prefers to have not less than twenty handbags, thus about third interrogated agree to exchange romantic evening on new design handbag! If you are one fashion fans, the auction arranged by the largest portal on sale of fashionable accessories together with the Internet-auction eBay, is for you.
The most known and beautiful show-business representatives have taken part in the organization of auction. Everything that they should do is to offer their favorite handbags, which will be sold by auction till October, 14th.
So, soon you will have a great opportunity to get handbag Prada belonging to Keira Knightley, a bright red leather bag from Rebecca Minkoff, given by Scarlett Johansson, or turquoise handbag of actress Меggie Gyllenhaal, created by Missoni.
The prices for handbags start from 150 up to 500 dollars and higher.

The 10 Best Boutiques of the World

October 7th, 2008

Those, who have ever been engaged in real shopping, understand that this employment is not multikilometer running with the purpose to come to finish as soon as possible, but it is the process, capable to bring pleasure and to charge energy. However, for this purpose it is necessary to go to “right” shops. Known British magazine Obzerver has entered into top-ten best shops of the world – young Moscow clothes boutique has also got into this list.

In hot Observer (Sunday supplement of the British newspaper Guardian, one of the oldest and most influential mass-medias in the world) top-list of the best boutiques of planet – The 10 Best Boutiques of the World – is published. In ten best shops legendary Parisian Colette, London Dover Street Market, Tokyo Restir, New York Opening Ceremony have entered. Russia in is represented with the Moscow boutique Cara&Co.

Cara&Co makes quite successful attempt to embody spirit of modern Moscow: haute couture clothes are represented on the background of extravagant rough brick walls. In shop the mix of things of Russian and western designers, antiques, bags of the Victorian epoch and strong espresso are on sale.

Here is the full list of 10 best boutiques in the world:
1. Restir (Tokyo)
2. Browns (London)
3. Cara&Co (Moscow)
4. Colette (Paris)
5. Vertice (Turin)
6. Dover Street Market (London)
7. Opening Ceremony (New York)
8. Carlson Ahnell (the scanner, Sweden)
9. Pool (Munich)
10. Five Colours Earth (Shanghai)

Fashionable clothes, which has amazed us

September 30th, 2008

Fortunately, the fashion world can be proud of the designers, creating not only clothes for making good money, but also making unique things, which have been not calculated on mass market.
If you want to amaze someone, choose coats and jackets of the Belgian trade mark Maison Martin Margiela with huge collars-racks and a non-standard cut line of shoulders.
Footwear from Maison Martin Margiela will become an excellent addition to outer clothing and will help to finish mystical, but a womanly image. Make a step forward to new image in shocking leather shoes-boots or shoes on transparent glass platform sole. Do not forget about accessories!
In a megacity we do our best to create unique image and to differ from the others. This problem has been put in the basis of the majority of the modern design concepts, propagandizing urbanistic style. They also will help you avoid big city boring life. For example, in a jacket from Phi, made of the combined materials, in skirt from Maison Martin Margiela and motley translucent blouse from Thomas Wylde, you will look charming and modern at the same time.
This autumn oversized dresses with complex ornaments, warm waistcoats and coats from Thomas Wylde simply should be in wardrobes of any lady, who likes vanguard design!

The most stylish show business stars

September 23rd, 2008

Annually well-known People Magazine publishes list of 10 best dressed stars, into which faultlessly stylish representatives of show business, modeling, sports and other spheres get. By the way, representatives of these lists- Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles – have not got into this year list! Who has received a rank of the most stylish star?
Hollywood actress Kate Hudson, with her love to hippie-style, has got on the first place in the top-ten of the best dressed stars. As magazine marks, it has been decided to include actress into the list owing to special elegance which Kate has got recently. Fashion experts have especially appreciated her white leather coat from Valentino and glamour dress from Balmain.
Gwyneth Paltrow has also changed her style. Paltrow has successfully shown her nice legs in toga from Lanvin and black mini from Preen.
Worthy place in a rating has been given to young singer Rianna. Possessing bright appearance, mulatto knows that most of all to it there are dresses of the brightest colors, such as a bright-yellow dress from Giambattista Valli and dark blue cocktail-dress with feathers from Zac Posen.
Fergie, which owing to the extravagant style quite often causes derisive remarks of critics, has also got into the Magazine’s rating. Now Black Eyed Peas’ star confidently prefers smart dresses (like classical dresses from Calvin Klein), alternating them with her favorite sport chic. In general, it is absolute GLAMOROUS!
So, here is People magazine’s list of 10 Best Dressed Stars:
•    Anne Hathaway – Young and Glam
•    Charlize Theron – Bold and Beautiful
•    Eva Mendes – Pretty and Polished
•    Fergie – Refined Rocker
•    Gwyneth Paltrow – Better Than Ever
•    Heidi Klum – Model Chic
•    Kate Hudson – Effortless Taste
•    Rihanna – Sugar and Space
•    Michelle Obama – Classic and Confident
•    Sarah Jessica Parker – Expert Eclectic

Handbags from Maison Mollerus

September 15th, 2008

Swiss fashion is quite deceptive-imperceptible feature. That is why it is famous only among those, who already has handbag Maison Mollerus and also know about graceful umbrella-cane, or elegant luggage for travel.
The brand was based in 1984 in Zurich by Ernest Mollerus. The founder has proclaimed natural elegance and an outstanding quality as the main features of mark. Exclusive materials are made by the most careful and original image manually in the well-known studio, therefore products differ by amazing durability.
From the moment of the basis the company represents very successful collections of road bags, beauty-cases, golf-bags, ladies’ bags, and also fine leather accessories: purses, umbrellas, belts etc. Thin skilful work, attention to details, individual license plate on a gold triangle – all these are the main attributes of collection.
However, the most pleasant is hidden in thorough and reliable Swiss glamour of each handbag, saying: «Magnificent quality is about me. I know how to show taste and the status of the owner».

Sexual advertising will be forbidden in Europe

September 10th, 2008

European committee on women’s rights, entering into parliament of the European Union, insists on consideration of the new law forbidding use of women as sexual object and eliminating any gender stereotypes in advertising.
If corresponding laws will be accepted, existence of advertising videos with the beautiful women, representing magnificent perfumes, clothes or underwear, will be under the question. It is strange even to assume, but with new position smart advertising of underwear giants Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur and the most known top-models of the world, invited for shootings, will come to the end. And for certain we will never see advertising, like a video (1994), where naked Eva Herzigova, representing Playtex Wonderbra, says ″Hallo, boys!″ to spectator.
The project of the new law has been made by a member of the European parliament, Eva-Brott Svensson. In opinion of the politician, the laws forbidding propagation of sex, discrimination and inequality, should appear in each country entering into the European Union (27 countries).
Svensson has also sharply condemned excessively thin models, having declared, that these ladies create wrong values in consciousness of young girls. We shall remind that the given question already for a long time is hotly discussed by the European public and even has threatened carrying out of the future London Fashion Week.

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